Why Choose Kinetic Personal Training

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  • We have a proven track record in achieving winning results with our clients. Just check out our client success stories throughout the website in the news, testimonial and fat-loss sections!
  • Our endorsements in the national television and sporting magazine media confirm our position at the forefront of the personal training arena.
  • We have extensive experience in working with people right across the spectrum ranging from the elite athlete to the everyday individual.
  • We have collaborated extensively with some of the best medical, nutritional and rehabilitative healthcare trained specialists in the world. This includes our collaborative partnership with world-renowned leading pioneer in functional medicine, Dr Georges Mouton, and closely-mentored collaborative links with leading faculty members Chris Maund and Matthew Wallden from the international CHEK Institute of Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology. Our collaborative partnerships have facilitated our ability to consistently produce winning results with our clients and provide you with access to cutting-edge healthcare and fitness developments.
  • Our fully-private, purpose-built Personal Training and Sports Massage Studio in Wokingham Berkshire caters to the complete exercise, nutritional and sports massage needs of everyday clients through to the most ardent strength and conditioning requirements of international athletes. This sets us a class apart from the Personal Training majority within the Berkshire region!

  • We are one of the select-few training facilities outside of university research establishments in the UK to offer the gold-standard fitness testing scheme of Lactate Testing. This allows us to design high-performance training programs that achieve winning results!
  • Our expertise and experience in both scientifically prescribed exercise therapy and in rehabilitation ensures that we are able to successfully eradicate pain and injury from many of our clients [see Rehabilitation section for more details of our success in this field].
  • You will be pushed to find better qualified, skilled personal trainers and sports massage therapists in this part of the country, who are offering a similar service to ours, at such a competitive price.
  • We are specialised beyond our exercise science backgrounds. Our drive for continuing improvement coupled with our extensive and varied experience provides you with a service well above that offered by the majority of personal trainers.

Putting the Personal into Personal Training

StretchingPersonal training is a two-way process. We seek to educate you to become more aware of your body’s needs consistent with your aspirations. This ensures that your training is tailored specifically and guides you along the path that you wish to pursue.

Your time and commitment is important to us and therefore we make sure we always adhere to the following principles:

  1. We are scrupulous about returning phone calls at the earliest possible opportunity. We don’t like to keep you waiting.
  2. We strive to connect with our clients on an emotional level so we ask the relevant questions when it comes to training you as an individual. We have found that by asking the right questions we can unlock the motivation that you have so we actually end up coaching, rather than simply pushing you.