Client Testimonials

Sue Walker, Licensing Officer

I joined the gym where John was based after letting myself go for years: the repetitive cycle of joining gyms and giving up after 6 weeks, with diets and little exercise was all having its toll on my body. I had decided I needed to take action as I felt if I did not do something soon there would be no hope for me as I got older.

I soon met John and explained to him my history of joining gyms only to be hampered by back and knee pain after just a few weeks of exercise which usually leads me to eventually giving up.

John gave me lots of valuable advice and instantly blew me away with his knowledge: he could tell by looking at my body shape and posture my weaknesses and even suggested the food types that I was likely to do much better with!

I just had to know more so the next week I booked in for a chat with John to see if he would train me. I explained that I wanted to improve my wellbeing and lose weight. I was so excited when John agreed to take me on and he soon carried out a full detailed body assessment including a comprehensive nutritional plan after performing my body fat measurements. Since then I have not looked back!

Without a doubt John knows my body capabilities better than I. Within 2 weeks of changing my nutrition, I started to feel healthier, had an improved complexion, more energy and motivation.

'Before and After Body Transformation

"In my first 8 weeks of training with Kinetic Personal Training I lost over 16 pounds of fat and my bodyshape and posture improved dramatically.

After 16 weeks I now have a body that I could never have imagined having, even at my peak (whenever that was!) I did not have the muscle tone or shape I have now!

My body strength has also increased at a rapid rate following John’s training program and when I finish my sessions I feel I have strengthened each and every muscle from my neck to my ankles.

Thank you John for sharing your expertise and knowledge – I continually receive positive comments from friends and family on the changes of my body and through my success I have inspired some of them to go on and train with John!

I recommend John to everyone because I know without John I would have never achieved and indeed exceeded my own expectations.

Thank you once again John!

Sue Walker, Licensing Officer

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Helen Pryer, Former GB International Sprinter

GB International Sprinter Helen PryerI first came to John in 2006 following two injury-ridden years in which my 200m sprinting ranking plummeted into obscurity after a promising up-and-coming year in 2004. I had been immensely upset by my lack of success, as one injury just seemed to lead to another. The constant pain in my lower back was affecting my life beyond my training and I felt absolutely helpless.

John performed an intensive assessment of my posture and movement, finding exactly where my strengths and weaknesses were. He explained how my muscular imbalances had caused me to lose strength in the muscles I needed for sprinting, whilst other muscles were over compensating, and performing a role that they were not designed for. This explained why my injuries had become so incessant.

John then confirmed his findings through describing the way my body was moving when I ran and how this was affecting my potential. John identified my need for physiotherapy referral and accompanied me throughout my frequent and successful therapeutic visits to see Jim Adkins: a rehabilitation specialist to many elite athletes.

I soon commenced sprint-specifc Strength and Conditioning training with John and was amazed at the success I achieved. Each year saw me progress further with numerous personal best times achieved. Indeed, my ranking for the 200m sprint event shot up all the way from 58th in the UK when I first met John to a career high ranking of 4th in the UK in 2009 - defeating a Top-Ten in the world ranked sprinter on the way!

My success duly enabled me to earn my first GB international individual vest in January 2010.

John enabled me to fully recover from my injuries (I now never experience back pain) and gave me a strength and power base that was better than I ever had! 

What I really like about John is that he is extremely dedicated to ensuring he stays ahead of the competition – endlessing furthering his impressive knowledge by attending the latest seminar or internship with world-leading experts. What’s more he personally built a world-class team of specialists that I affectionately called ‘Team Pryer’ around my training to keep me bulletproof year-round!

I owe the world of thanks to John for the results he has achieved with me.

I strongly recommend him to others.

Helen Pryer, Elite Level Sprinter

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Jim Adkins, Clinical Director of Berkshire Physiotherapy Centre

Berkshire Physiotherapy CentreI have known John since December 2005 after he referred a top-level athlete to our Berkshire Physiotherapy Centre. John operates an ongoing referral scheme to the centre and it is clear that he has gained very good results and client confidence with his business ‘Kinetic Personal Training’.

Jim Adkins, Clinical Director of Berkshire Physiotherapy Centre

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Adam Scott, Competitive Rugby Player

Adam ScottI trained with John Shirley for ten personal training sessions after I developed consistent shoulder pain whilst playing competitive rugby for Bracknell Rugby team (as an open side Flanker ). My game had been adversely affected by this pain and I had found myself being dropped through the ranks from being a regular starter to a seat-warmer on the subs bench!

John was very thorough in his approach to identifying the cause of my problems. He performed stringent tests to analyse my posture and also the way my body moved. He clearly explained how my posture was having a detrimental effect on my shoulder stability and how he would correct my ‘weakest links’!

John tailored a specific corrective exercise program to alleviate my pain and improve my posture. His program also addressed my Rugby specific needs of improving my strength, speed and power. He identified the appropriate need for a brief period of therapeutic physiotherapy referral and personally accompanied me on my worthwhile visits.

Within a few weeks of training with John I noticed my posture had clearly improved as my shoulders were sitting in the correct position. What’s more, I felt my strength was greater than ever before, and am now stronger, faster and making bigger tackles on the rugby field on a regular basis: without any pain! I would highly recommend him to anyone in a similar position that I was in.

Adam Scott, Competitive Rugby Player

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Heather Neilly, Barrister

Boxing I have been a regular client of John Shirley. John is clearly committed to improving the well-being of his clients. I have found him to be very knowledgeable and feel I have benefited greatly from training sessions with him.

I have found John to have excellent interpersonal skills. He has a pleasant personality and good sense of humour; he is also very patient and takes time to explain what he is trying to achieve with me. John is very popular with clients and I believe he is held in high regard.

John is clearly dedicated to helping others achieve their goals, as he has with me, and I would highly recommend him.

Heather R Neilly, B.Sc., LL.B., M.Phil., Barrister.

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