Sports strength & conditioning training

Gain the competitive edge against your rivals…
…with elite ‘Strength and Conditioning’ training
of the highest calibre!

    Strength and Conditioning
  • Reach your true sporting potential!
  • Gain the competitive edge against the opposition!
  • Achieve superhuman strength for high-performance sporting success!
  • Maximise your sporting movement efficiency!
  • Bulletproof your 'Core Stability'!
  • Eliminate muscle imbalances!
  • Minimise injury risk!

If you perform in the sporting arena, whether as an elite athlete or simply as a budding beginner starting out for the first time, you can benefit from the one of the UK's very finest Strength and Conditioning training services with our experts at Kinetic Personal Training.

Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist®We have a proven track record in achieving winning results with our sporting clients - just check out our many success stories in the news section!

Indeed, many elite athletes we have trained were certainly not as elite before they commenced training with us. Individually tailored 'Strength and Conditioning' has proved indispensible to our clients’ success - providing a decisive focus and springboard for their high-performance sporting achievement.

Strength and Conditioning training with Kinetic Personal Training will give you the training support you need to reach your true sporting potential - in record time!

'Strength and Conditioning' FAQs

1.  What is 'Strength and Conditioning'?

Sled Pullthrough‘Strength and Conditioning’ is the specialised training of key fitness parameters to facilitate competitive success in the sporting arena. The training involves a highly structured and individually customised approach to improving your fitness and movement efficiency that can be readily transferred to your sporting environment - with winning results.

Strength and Conditioning training is absolutely critical to guaranteeing elite performance and also plays a vital role in preventing and rehabilitating injuries. The training will improve your strength, endurance, speed, flexibility, agility or power in accordance with the specific demands of your sport so you can truly perform at your absolute sporting potential.

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2. Who is 'Strength and Conditioning' suitable for?

Sprinter's Single-arm SnatchSporting Icons‘Strength and Conditioning’ training is suitable for anyone performing sport in any capacity, whether as an elite athlete or simply a recreational beginner making an entry into sport. It will also benefit sports teams through our highly specialised approach to improving team-sporting performance.

Weight training individuals keen to learn many of the Olympic style lifts such as the powerclean, snatch and squat will also benefit from our Strength and Conditioning training.

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3. What will Strength and Conditioning with Kinetic Personal Training involve?

We adopt a highly structured and individually tailored approach to your Strength and Conditioning training at Kinetic Personal Training.

Toe Touch TestOn your first visit to us we perform a highly specialised sport-specific musculoskeletal movement assessment. We obtain a great amount of information during this assessment. For instance our ‘biomechanics analysis’ assesses the way you move through the many movement patterns you need for your sport, determining your efficiency of movement and where your strongest and weakest links lie. We also pick up any flexibility or postural flaws that may hinder or restrict your progress. This allows us to specifically target your weakest links in your training whilst further developing your strengths to new heights. In essence we determine how much untapped potential you may truly have!

Split-squat with cable loadWe then develop a structured action plan for your program design based on the results of your assessment. This involves determining the nature, content and duration of the various phases in your conditioning program - known as training ‘periodisation’. This is heavily influenced by the competitive schedule in your sport and allows us to ensure you remain in elite physical condition throughout the rigours of your training cycle. Focus is also directed to ensuring you reach peak performance when it matters most - so you have the competitive edge over your rivals!

We have liased extensively with club coaches throughout our work to date with elite athletes and we are more than happy to communicate with your technical coach to facilitate optimisation of the various phases in your training periodisation.

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4. How many sessions do you recommend I perform with Kinetic Personal Training?

Bench PressWe recommend that you train with us for a minimum of 10 sessions - which we will offer at an introductory, competitively priced discounted rate. In our experience 10 coaching sessions enables us to give you a solid foundation and a key understanding of movement efficiency and training principles that will facilitate your complete progress in your sports training. We will continually reevaluate and fine-tune your ‘periodisation’ training model as you progress through your initial 10 session training block to ensure your progress is as optimal as possible - you will thus experience smooth and continuous improvements in your movement efficiency and performance that you can feel from one session to the next.

After the initial 10-session block you may continue to train with us at a frequency of your choosing so we may continue to guide your progress further throughout your training cycle. You will therefore reach even higher levels of peak performance.

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5. What can Kinetic Personal Training offer sports clubs?

We adopt a highly specialised approach to improving team-sporting performance.

We will firstly observe real-time game situations to visualise the key movements and sporting performance strategies employed by each athlete within the sports team. We can then perform select sport-specific biomechanical assessments to identify vital Strength and Conditioning strategies needed to improve sporting performance further.

Ongoing liaisons with team coaches and athletes precede our planning of the Strength and Conditioning training periodisation. We can then supervise the team’s gym training sessions to facilitate optimal gains in performance and fitness. Key focus is always placed on peaking for competition so the team will always have the competitive edge.

Other essential strategies we can offer to enhance team performance include:

  • Sport specific dynamic Warm-Ups and Cool-Downs
  • Speed, Agility and Quickness Drills (SAQ Drills)
  • Maximum Strength, Power and ‘Hypertrophy’(Size) training
  • Explosive ‘Plyometric’ training
  • ‘Lactate Testing’ for elite-performance fitness. (see ’Lactate Testing’ page).

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6. How will 'Core Conditioning' training help my sporting performance?

Powell RaiseElite physical performance depends on optimal efficiency in the movements you execute in your sport. This ‘efficiency’ highly correlates with the level of conditioning in the musculature of the ‘Core’ of the body.

Contrary to popular belief the ‘Core’ musculature comprises the entire network of muscles in the torso or ‘trunk’ of the upper body and not just the abdominal muscles. It is the finely tuned interaction of these ‘Core’ muscles with the body’s larger movement muscles that determines the effectiveness of any movement you perform - a runner with strong arms and legs and a weak core will never move as effectively, or potentially as quickly, as a runner with a strong core that moves efficiently with the remainder of the body.

Core JackknifeThe ‘Core’ muscles often present as the weakest link in the biomechanical assessments we perform and we thus ensure that individually tailored ‘Core Conditioning’ plays an integral role in your Strength and Conditioning training. You are only as strong as your weakest link!

Our highly structured approach to improving ‘Core Conditioning’ will give you a body that not only moves more efficiently, but one that is ‘bulletproof’ and highly-adapted to meeting to the high-demands of your sport. You can therefore fulfill your true untapped potential!

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7. How will Strength and Conditioning training minimise my risk of acquiring injuries?

Strength and Conditioning training with Kinetic Personal Training plays a key role in minimising your risk of acquiring injury.

Trap 3 RaiseOur thorough biomechanical assessment helps us to identify any flexibility or postural flaws that may restrict your movement efficiency and thus hinder your potential for elite performance. We also assess where your strongest and weakest links lie, as you are ultimately only as strong as your weakest link.

This information is vital in enabling us to specifically tailor your training to develop your fitness and movement efficiency further. If the muscles you use for your sport are excessively short, or indeed long and weak, then your efficiency of movement will be compromised, leading to compensatory strategies and an imbalance in the optimal recruitment of muscles you need to perform at your true potential. Ultimately, this leads to an increased potential for injury and pain.

Indeed, as the demands of sport can be very high, any imbalance exhibited at this muscular level can worsen very quickly when challenged in the sporting arena. The ‘Corrective Exercise’ approach we adopt to your Strength and Conditioning training aims to eliminate these imbalances whilst developing your strengths further, giving you a ‘bulletproof’ injury resistance and a newfound potential for performing at your absolute peak!

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