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    'Before and After Body Transformation

"In my first 8 weeks of training with Kinetic Personal Training I lost over 16 pounds of fat and my bodyshape and posture improved dramatically.

After 16 weeks I now have a body that I could never have imagined having, even at my peak (whenever that was!) I did not have the muscle tone or shape I have now!

Thank you John - I recommend you to everyone!"

Sue Walker

If you’re based in the Berkshire area and looking to lose weight and tone up you can benefit from our revolutionary training program - designed to promote ultra-fast and successful fat loss with our experts at Kinetic Personal Training...


Our ‘Ultimate Body-Transformation’ Training Method is based on a scientifically formulated and proven approach to ensuring fat loss occurs rapidly with dramatic improvement in muscle definition and body shape.

Indeed, our highly specialised and individually tailored approach to your fat-loss exercise program ensures that you will see a dramatic improvement in your body shape and muscle definition - in 12 weeks or less!

Our training programs produce the fantastic results we see in our clients allied with our application of our innovative dietary coaching system designed to eliminate the guesswork in your own unique dietary planning - blitzing your way towards faster loss!

'Ultimate Body-Transformation' Training with Kinetic Personal Training will give you the training and nutritional support you need to get the body you’ve always wantedin record time!

Fat Loss FAQs

1. How quickly can I expect results in fat loss with the ‘Ultimate Body-Transformation’ Training Method?

Our ‘Ultimate Body-Transformation’ Training Methods are extremely efficient in ensuring results are achieved in a quick and healthy manner when allied with our simultaneous application of our innovative dietary coaching system. If you follow our training protocols to the letter you can expect visible change in body composition within 2-3 weeks and losses of up to 0.5-1% body fat per week are typical.

Dramatic changes in body shape and composition, like our example shown above, are typically observed when following our training programs over a sustained 12-16 week period.

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2. How much fat can I expect to lose?

This may vary significantly according to each individual with starting body fat percentage and overall body mass dictating the potential for the amount of total fat loss -although we ensure significant fat loss is to be expected and should be visibly obvious over a 12-week training period.

Some of our female clients have seen sustainable losses of up to 16lbs of body fat over the first eight-week period of their ‘Ultimate Body-Transformation’ program with no commensurate loss in lean body tissue mass and our males clients typically have increased lean muscle mass with simultaneous similar reductions in body fat percentage.

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3. How many times a week will I need to train using the ‘Ultimate Body-Transformation’ Program to see results?

As an absolute minimum you will need to commit to at least 3 hours of training time per week when following our ‘Ultimate Body-Transformation’ training protocols to ensure you receive the fantastic results we typically see. This may vary for many individuals with some requiring up to 4-5 training hours per week – we will determine the volume of training required in your initial 2 hour assessment that we perform with you at the start of any personal training package.

We simply require a minimum 12-week commitment for all clients committing to an ‘Ultimate Body-Transformation’ training course and this must include a minimum of two supervised personal training hours with us per week for the first eight-week period of your Body-Transformation training course; this ensures that we can guide your progress optimally so you will receive smooth and continuous improvements in your fitness and health that you can feel from one session to the next.

We always put a huge amount of time and effort in your program both during your training time and behind the scenes in ensuring your training and nutritional programs are finely tuned and optimised on an ongoing basis; we thus expect a fully committed approach to your training and nutritional program in return to ensure you receive the results we so frequently produce.

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4. What are your pricing options for ‘Ultimate Body-Transformation’ Training?

Our pricing options for our ‘Ultimate Body-Transformation’ Training Packages are highly competitive. Please contact us for details. Payment is taken on a monthly basis with competitive reductions in price offered the more sessions a week you choose to take with us.

We require a minimum 12-week commitment for all clients beginning an ‘Ultimate Body-Transformation‘ training program and this must include a minimum of two supervised personal training hours with us per week for the first eight-week period. Thereafter you are free to train at a frequency of your choosing - anywhere from one session a week up to four+ hours if desired.

Many clients do choose our ‘Gold-Standard’ Package of Four + training hours per week; this offers the ultimate service in expertly supervised personal training and ensures you receive the best opportunity of receiving phenomenal results in the fastest time frame possible: in short we ensure that we do what it takes to get the job done – and in record time!

If you choose to train with us less than four times a week during your ‘Ultimate Body-Transformation’ training you will be expected to perform all additionally programmed ‘Body-Transformation’ programs in your own time, according to the expertly structured plan we produce for you each week; you will thus ensure you guide your progress optimally and fulfill your true, untapped potential in achieving ultimate fat loss!

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