Frequently asked questions

1.  Where do you train your clients?

We operate exclusively from our fully-private, purpose built personal training and sports massage studio facility at the following location in Wokingham, Berkshire:

Kinetic Personal Training Ltd.
Unit 48, Space Business Centres Wokingham
Molly Millars Lane
RG41 2PQ
Tel: 07754 4396997

    Kinetic Personal Training & Sports Massage Studio

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2. Are discounts offered on block bookings of sessions?

Yes, we offer extremely competitive monthly pricing options for our personal training packages. All packages include a highly specialised and individually-tailored exercise program based on the results of a thorough biomechanical and musculoskeletal assessment that is performed on your first visit [see FAQ: The initial assessment – what does this entail? ]. Our pricing options are highly competitive. Payment is taken on a monthly basis with competitive reductions in price offered the more sessions a week you choose to take with us. Please contact us for details.

We require a minimum 12-week commitment for all clients committing to our 'Ultimate Body-Transformation' Fat-Loss training package and this must include a minimum of two supervised personal training hours with us per week for the first eight-week period. This ensures smooth and continuous improvements in your physique, movement, health and fitness that you can feel from one session to the next. Thereafter you are free to train at a frequency of your choosing - anywhere from one session a week up to four+ hours if desired.

Many clients do choose our discounted ‘Gold-Standard’ Package of Four + training hours per week; this offers the ultimate service in expertly supervised personal training and ensures you receive the best opportunity of receiving phenomenal results in the fastest time frame possible: in short we ensure that we do what it takes to get the job done – and in record time!

We also offer discounted rates for students. Please enquire for details.

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3. Who have you trained in the past?

We have extensive experience in working with people right across the spectrum: from elite international athletes to everyday individuals.

Over the past fourteen years we have collaborated with a variety of world-renowned individuals and organisations. Our clients have varied from elite-level athletes to everyday individuals, some with longstanding pain and injury, with age ranges from 12 to 81 years of age! Our athletic clients have included professional footballers, Olympic squad snowboarders, international track and field athletes, international junior hockey players and climbers, semi-professional racing drivers, rugby players, rowers and endurance athletes.

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4. My fitness centre already offers gym induction and fitness assessments where I can have a program designed for me. Why shouldn’t I just choose this option?

We do get asked this question a lot! We do respect that there are many fitness instructors out there in the market who offer apparently similar services. However, we feel our phenomenally effective results speak for themselves. Our personally supervised expertly prescribed exercise program offers a superior service.

You will become far more aware of your body’s needs and will avoid the faulty habits that we see so frequently and which are easily adopted by people who do not choose the personal training option. You will also appreciate the inevitable long-term repercussions and adverse effects that are likely to develop from faulty training.

You will be pushed to find better qualified, skilled personal trainers and corrective exercise and conditioning specialists in this part of the country, who are offering a similar service to ours, at such a competitive price.

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5. The Initial Assessment – what does this entail?

One of the biggest differentiating factors between the personal training majority and us is our provision of a highly specialised and thorough biomechanical and musculoskeletal assessment for every new client. This is always is performed on your first visit to us and lasts up to two hours in duration.

We obtain a great amount of information during this assessment. For instance our biomechanical assessment analyses the way your body moves, determining precisely where your strongest and weakest links are and how we may train (and correct) them safely and efficiently. We will also pick up any postural flaws that may hinder your movement.

The results from this assessment allow us to accurately and objectively design a scientifically-tailored program that is both functional and effective for you as an individual. You can be sure that with us, the exercise program will never be prescribed from guesswork.

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6. What times of the day can you train me?

Usually first appointment times begin at 7am, with the last appointment offered at 7:30pm from Monday to Friday. We try to be as flexible as possible in fitting our clients in when it is convenient for them. We also train on Saturdays.

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7. How long do the sessions last?

With the exception of the initial biomechanical and musculoskeletal assessment (which lasts up to two hours), all training sessions last for one hour. This ensures that we may train your body to its optimum potential, without risking the counter-productive release of excessive stress hormones that inevitably accompanies training periods of longer than one hour.  If we keep our sessions to one hour, we find that this ensures your body will adapt to the training stimulus at the optimum level that is appropriate for you. You will thus recover faster and achieve your goals at a much faster rate.

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8. This all sounds fantastic.  How, and when, can I begin training with you?

If you’re interested in the service that we offer, or you feel you would like some more information, then all you have to do is contact us via the telephone or via email through the contact page. We look forward to hearing from you!

John Shirley, Kinetic Director & Lead Personal Trainer

Tel: 0775 4396997