Corrective Exercise for Rehabilitation, Berkshire

Corrective Exercise
  • Our expertise and experience in scientifically prescribed corrective exercise therapy for rehabilitation ensures that we are able to successfully bridge the gap between physiotherapy and personal training.
  • This has allowed us to eradicate longstanding pain and injury from many of our clients, who have ranged from 19 to 81 years old!
  • Indeed, we are one of the select few in the personal training industry to operate a cross referral scheme between us and some of the best sports-medicinally trained rehabilitation professionals in the Thames Valley area. This includes our excellent cross-referral working relationship with Jim Adkins (former athletics Commonwealth squad rehabilitation specialist) in the Berkshire Physiotherapy Centre in Reading and world-renowned Osteopath and leading faculty member Matthew Wallden from the international CHEK Institute.
  • It is testament to our accomplishment in successfully continuing the rehabilitation process through the longer term with many of our clients, that these respected professionals have placed their trust in us. This ensures that we may successfully continue the rehabilitative process with our clients through the necessary stages through the application of Corrective Exercise.
  • Our goal is to strive to always return you as an individual to the fitness and health level you had before the injury whenever possible and, if it is scientifically possible, to return you to a level a step above this.

Our principles of ‘Corrective Exercise’

Corrective ExerciseCorrective Exercise is the most efficient way of training your body to create a sense of strength and fitness you can use and feel on a daily basis.

Our goal with corrective exercise is not to build huge muscles that don’t work functionally and efficiently. We desire instead to improve your strength, coordination, mobility, agility, balance, endurance or power in accordance with the lifestyle and goals you have so you can transfer these qualities functionally to your everyday lifestyle. This will make you feel and look incredible! Our many satisfied clients certainly pay testament to this.

Corrective ExerciseCorrective Exercise ensures your body receives the necessary care and attention that it needs when exercising. After all, it is the correct prescription by the trainer of the correct exercises that ensures that the training program will be rewarded with positive and not adverse results.

With incorrect exercise prescription and performance we become not more resistant but more prone to injury and pain, quite the reverse of what we all believe exercise is designed to achieve! Corrective Exercise is designed to address these issues effectively. We will always find and correctly train your weakest link!